NGFB v7.6.9.1, WPSSO v2.6.6.1

WPSSO and NGFB Combined Logo

The NGFB and WPSSO plugins have been updated with a small fix to allow the og:image meta tag to be disabled, without disabling the og:image:secure_url meta tag as well.

NGFB v7.6.9 and WPSSO v2.6.6 also adds a new ‘Include Video Preview Image’ option, counts the number of video preview images towards the total number of images found, and changes the URLs from HTTP to HTTPS.

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New Plugin for Apple & Google Store App Meta Tags


Do you have an Apple Store App for your website that you’d like to promote as a banner in Apple’s mobile Safari?

Does your website sell Apple Store Apps and you’d like to support the Twitter App Card for your App product pages?

WPSSO App Meta is a new extension plugin for WPSSO to provide Apple Store (iTunes) and Google Play App meta tags for Apple’s mobile Safari and Twitter’s App Card.

WPSSO App Meta (WPSSO AM) works in conjunction with the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization plugin, extending its features with additional settings pages, tabs, and options, to include iPhone, iPad, and Google Play App meta tags in your webpages (for Apple’s mobile Safari and Twitter’s App Card). WPSSO AM is fast, efficient, and — using WPSSO as its framework — provides accurate information about your content to social websites.

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NGFB v7.6.8, WPSSO v2.6.5, WPSSO SSB v1.0.9

WPSSO and NGFB Combined Logo

I’ve been camping on horse farm in Halifax NS for the past few weeks, which has given me time to work on a new WPSSO extension plugin (to be released soon), and fine-tune some NGFB, WPSSO, and WPSSO SSB features. I try and maintain a schedule of 1-2 weeks between releases, but the recent pace of development has pushed that to every 3-5 days. The release schedule should get back to normal once I leave the farm and start travelling again.

The NGFB and WPSSO plugins have been updated with minor changes. The  ‘Header Tags’ tab in the Social Settings metabox has been renamed / changed for new ‘Title and Description’ and ‘Image and Video’ tabs. The ‘Google+ / Schema Description’ option is now hidden when using the “Basic Options” settings view. These new versions also include a small fix to retain hidden / excluded options from the Social Settings metabox.

The NGFB and WPSSO SSB plugins include a new filter (‘ngfb_buttons_cache_salt’ or ‘wpsso_buttons_cache_salt’) to allow developers to modify the buttons cache salt string.

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How Fast is the WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons Plugin?


Plugins that add social sharing buttons should be fairly light and fast — they generally don’t need to fetch much information about a page, like an SEO or SMO / SSO plugin does. Here are some example “execution time” metrics from the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin, using WP Test Data, and several popular social sharing plugins (along with the WordPress Core and Twenty Fourteen theme for reference). The plugins were configured to include the Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest sharing buttons at the bottom of single posts and pages.

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