JSM’s Screenshot Machine Shortcode


  • Plugin Name: JSM's Screenshot Machine Shortcode
  • Stable Version: 1.1.3
  • Author: JS Morisset
  • Description: Shortcode to include images from Screenshot Machine in your content.
  • License: GPLv3
  • Requires At Least: WordPress 3.7
  • Tested Up To: WordPress 4.8.1
  • Last Updated: 18 hours ago
  • Downloaded: 1,436 times
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Use the ssm shortcode in your content with the following arguments:

  • key="{account key}"
  • url="{website url}"
  • size="{size letter}" (default=T)
  • format="{jpg|png|gif}" (default=jpg)
  • days="{cache expiration}" (default=14)
  • wait="{wait in ms}" (default=200)
  • title="{href title}"
  • link="{yes|no}" (default=yes)
  • target="{link target}" (default=_blank)
  • refresh="{yes|no}" (default=yes)

You can find the {account key} on your Screenshot Machine account/settings page.

The {website url} is the web page URL to capture into a screenshot.

Valid {size letter} values are:

  • T = Width 120 x Height 90
  • S = Width 200 x Height 150
  • E = Width 320 x Height 240
  • N = Width 400 x Height 300
  • M = Width 640 x Height 480
  • L = Width 800 x Height 600
  • X = Width 1024 x Height 768

{jpeg|png|gif} is the image format to use (default is jpg).

{cache expiration} is the number of days a screenshot should be used before a new one is created.

{wait in ms} is the number of milliseconds to wait before capturing the screenshot.

{href title} is the title text for the image alt and link title.

The link yes/no value will determine if the image is linked to the web page URL or not.

The {link target} default will open links in a new window/tab. An empty string, '_self', '_top', '_parent', and a framename are also valid.

The refresh parameter includes javascript to retry the image every second until it's available (for a maximum of 10 seconds).