WPSSO Ditches WordPress & Gutenberg Notifications

The release of WordPress 5 and the new Gutenberg editor are just around the corner, and Gutenberg developers still have not tackled a serious design issue with the current Gutenberg notification system — notices in Gutenberg are being displayed over the content area, forcing users to dismiss notifications to gain access to their content — and in some cases, where several non-dismissible notices are displayed, users may not have access to the content area at all.

The notification system in the current version of WordPress is nothing fancy — and can feel a bit intrusive when several notices are displayed at once — but it’s a lot more flexible and functional than the proposed Gutenberg notification system. :-) As an example, here are some typical SSO (Social and Search Optimization) notifications when editing a test post in the current version of WordPress, in the Gutenberg editor, and with the upcoming release of WPSSO Core v4.2.0 that moves SSO notices into the admin toolbar.

The classic WordPress post editor showing WPSSO status and error notifications.

Notifications in the Gutenberg editor are displayed over the content area, forcing users to dismiss notifications.
Non-dismissible notices simply block the content area.

To provide its users and customers with a better notification experience, the next release of WPSSO Core will move SSO error, warning, and information notices into the admin toolbar. The toolbar menu item will be a simple SSO icon and counter, which changes color based on the most important type of notice it contains (red for error, yellow for warning, blue for informational, and grey for 0 notices).

WPSSO Core v4.2.0 showing 3 notifications in the admin toolbar.

The SSO notifications in the admin toolbar can be displayed at the users convenience.
Some notices may also be dismissed for a period of time (1 hour, 1 week, forever, etc.).

WPSSO Core creates complete and accurate meta tags and Schema markup for Facebook / Open Graph, Google Rich Cards / Knowledge Graph (SEO), Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, Weibo, and more — all from your existing content. You can find out more about WPSSO Core from the plugin description page on WordPress.org.

4 thoughts on “WPSSO Ditches WordPress & Gutenberg Notifications

  1. I like the way you people worked around. But don’t you think that would be anti-productive. I mean every time the count changes I need to go and check the notification. Whereas previously, notifications were there and I can see if that’s relevant or I can ignore for time being and focus on content. I would rather look forward towards Gutenberg team fixing this.

    • Thanks for your comment! I understand your concern. WPSSO moves current “on-page” notices from the WordPress or Gutenberg notification area to the admin toolbar – the notifications do not “accumulate” in the toolbar – they are the same notifications that would normally appear on the current page, just moved to the toolbar. :) And like the old notifications from WPSSO, the new notifications can also be dismissed. ;-) Generally, that SSO toolbar icon should be grey with 0 notifications, but once in a while, an error or warning may need to be displayed if an item in the content does not meet social or search engine site requirements. ;-)


    • Thanks. :) I don’t actually think the Gutenberg developers will fix their notification system, so this will probably be a permanent solution. It’s a shame, because I can see more plugin authors making the same decision, which will lead to more fragmentation of notices — I would prefer if WordPress had a better, unified notification system. I opened an issue on GitHub about this, but there does not seem to be much interest from the Gutenberg team to look at this issue. https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/6340


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