Inherit Featured and Custom Meta Images from Parents

Does your website use parent pages and/or categories? Unless you have a very simple site, you’ve probably organized your WordPress pages and categories as parents with child pages / categories.

And have you defined a featured image for a parent page and wished its children used the same featured image automatically?

How about social and search optimization images? If you’re using the WPSSO Core plugin — and have selected a custom image for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and/or Pinterest — would you like the children of that page and/or category to inherit those custom images automatically?

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NGFB / WPSSO – Pre-defined Meta Tags for CPTs

NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) version 8.14.0 and WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.14.0 have been released.

Using WPSSO as an example, this latest version provides an easy way to connect WPSSO to Custom Post Types (CPTs). If your theme (or another plugin) uses the following CPTs, WPSSO will pre-populate its Open Graph meta tags array with standard meta tags for that type. The following CPTs are recognized:

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WPSSO – Social Settings for Category and Tag Pages

WPSSO version 3.3 has been released — The latest version of this Social SEO plugin includes several new features, and extensive code changes to support WordPress taxonomies (categories and tags). The custom Social Settings metabox is now available on all built-in and custom taxonomy editing pages (WooCommerce product categories, for example) — and previously-missing Image Dimensions options have been added to the Social Settings metabox on user editing / profile pages as well.

WPSSO’s Social Settings metabox enables an author to define a custom title and descriptions for Facebook / Open Graph, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Google Search — along with an optional, customized image and video for Facebook / Open Graph and Pinterest. The Social Settings metabox includes several useful tabsin both the Free and Pro versions — the Social Preview tab allows you to preview what a typical share might look like, the Head Tags tab shows all generated meta tags, and the Validate tab provides several links to popular validation tools and services (Facebook debugger, Twitter Card validator, etc.).

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