Jamf Pro & WHD – Make Clients Admin of Their Asset

If you use Jamf Pro and SolarWinds Web Help Desk (WHD), you may be interested in using this Jamf policy script to make WHD asset clients admin of their own assets on login.

Jamf and WHD Requirements

  • Assets in WHD must have accurate serial numbers entered. The script uses the computer serial number to locate the asset in WHD, so WHD assets must have serial numbers.
  • Assets in WHD must have one or more clients assigned to them. Clients assigned to the asset will be added to the ‘admin’ group for that asset on login.
  • The Perl script uses the JSON module, which Apple included in MacOS v11. If the computer uses an older MacOS version, the script will exit with an error. The script uses a BEGIN{} section to handle importing the JSON decode_json() function and exit gracefully if the JSON module is missing.

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