WPSSO – Product Availability, Price and Currency

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) v3.40.0-1 has been released (see the complete Changelog here) — this new version adds custom Product Availability, Price and Currency options to the Social Settings metabox.

These options will be visible only if the Open Graph og:type meta tag value is a “product” — which is the default value for all product pages from Easy Digital Downloads, MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, and most other e-commerce plugins that use a “product” custom post type (developers can also hook the ‘wpsso_og_type’ filter to change the default value – see the complete list of filters here).

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WPSSO – Improved Yoast SEO Integration

Are you using Yoast SEO in combination with WPSSO?

Have you used Yoast SEO in the past, and would like to read / import its social meta as default values for the WPSSO Social Settings metabox?

WPSSO version 3.38.1-1 (released earlier today) includes additional support for Yoast SEO — When the “Use Yoast SEO Social Meta” option is enabled under the SSO Advanced > Social / Custom Meta tab, WPSSO will read / import Yoast SEO social meta for Posts, Terms, and Users — the Yoast SEO plugin does not have to be active or even installed to use this feature.

An active Yoast SEO plugin does offer a few more integration features though, including the expansion of Yoast SEO variables and custom canonical URLs, but is not required to read / import Yoast SEO custom meta for Posts, Terms, and Users.

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WPSSO JSON – Post List in Schema for Archives

WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup (WPSSO JSON) version 1.11.1-1 has been released and features improved markup for the Schema item types Blog, CollectionPage, ProfilePage, and SearchResultsPage. Each of these “archive” page Schema types now include a “hasPart” property to list posts in the current view (WordPress blog home page, date / category / tag archive pages etc, and search results).

NGFB version 8.37.2-1 and WPSSO version 3.37.2-1 have also been released. The “Item Type for Home Page” option has been replaced by two new options — “Item Type for Blog Home Page” and “Item Type for Static Home Page” — allowing you to select different Schema types for each. The WordPress blog home page defaults to https://schema.org/Blog, with posts listed in the JSON-LD “hasPart” property (WPSSO JSON extension required), where-as the static home page defaults to https://schema.org/WebSite.

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WPSSO – New Caching Control Options

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.37.0-2 has been released, along with updates to all its extensions. This latest WPSSO version includes several new options to fine-tune WPSSO’s internal caching features. The previous “Object Cache Expiry” option has been replaced with 7 new options:

  • Head Markup Array Cache Expiry (default 3 days).
  • Shortened URL Cache Expiry (default 1 week).
  • List Column Content Cache Expiry (default 1 week).
  • Filtered Content Text Cache Expiry (default 1 hour).
  • Get Image (URL) Size Cache Expiry (default 1 day).
  • Article Topics Array Cache Expiry (4 weeks).
  • Schema Types Array Cache Expiry (4 weeks).

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WPSSO JSON – Google & Pinterest Recipe Markup

WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup (WPSSO JSON) version 1.10.0-1 has been released, and includes several improvements for Pinterest and the Schema Recipe markup.

Although previous versions of WPSSO JSON included basic support for the Schema Recipe markup, finding an elegant way to manage ingredients — without duplicating existing theme and/or 3rd party ingredient management — was still on the To-Do list. Thanks to the helpful suggestions of a customer with a recipe website, I was able to include recipe integration features in this version.

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WPSSO – Extend The Events Calendar Schema

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.33.1-1 has been released, along with updates for the WPSSO JSON, WPSSO ORG, and WPSSO PLM extensions.

One of the big features for this new release is the added support for the Schema http://schema.org/Event type and its sub-types (DanceEvent, MusicEvent, etc.), along with integration of The Events Calendar plugin. The Events Calendar plugin already includes basic JSON-LD support, but the WPSSO Organization Markup (WPSSO ORG) and WPSSO Place / Location and Local Business Meta (WPSSO PLM) extensions allow you to include much more detail about the organizer (as an actual Organization instead of a Person), select a performer for the event, along with WPSSO’s standard support for images, videos, etc. The combination of WPSSO Pro and all three Pro extensions can provide extensive Schema markup about your event — see the following Schema JSON-LD markup for an example.

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WPSSO – Adds Support for Co-Authors Plus

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.31.0-1 has been released, and includes several interesting changes — The display of Free / Pro version features in the settings pages sidebar has been improved by adding icons and grouping similar features. And the big change for this version is the support of post / page co-authors and guest authors using the Co-Authors Plus plugin. WPSSO Pro will extend the list of Contact Info under the Guest Author profile page, and include co-authors and guest authors (name, description / bio, image, and all contact URLs) in post / page meta tags. The WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup extension has also been updated to add co-authors and guest authors to all Schema types that include author information (Article, NewsArticle, TechArticle, BlogPosting, WebPage, etc.).

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WPSSO – AMP Support and Several Core Changes

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.28.1 was released this morning. This latest version includes many core changes, which require an update to all WPSSO extensions as well (except for the WPSSO Update Manager). Please make sure you update all your installed / active WPSSO extensions along with this update. The following extensions have been released with WPSSO v3.28.1:

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WPSSO – Auto-Hide All Warning Notices

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.25.3 was released this morning. I don’t usually write an official announcement for minor releases, but version 3.25.3 includes a small change (the only change, really) that developers have been asking about for several months now — the ability to automatically hide all warning notices. ;-)

To understand why it took so long to include this feature, we have to consider the difference between WPSSO and all other meta tag plugins. The purpose of WPSSO is to make sure your shares look their best — this means a good title, description, image, video, etc. A “good image” is one that is large enough for the social site (generally, that’s 600x315px or 1200x630px for Facebook — the later being best) and cropped appropriately. Facebook and Pinterest, for example, have very different needs. WPSSO allows you to define specific image dimensions for each standard (Facebook / Open Graph, Pinterest / Rich Pin, Google / Schema, etc.) — both as defaults, and customized in the Social Settings metabox — along with giving you the option to select different images for each.

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