New Plugin for FB “Location” and Pinterest “Place”

Do you have location specific webpages on your website, like contact information, store locations, products, etc?

WPSSO Place and Location Meta (WPSSO PLM) works in conjunction with the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization plugin, extending its features with additional settings pages, tabs, and options, to include Facebook / Open Graph Location and Pinterest Place Rich Pin meta tags in your webpages. WPSSO PLM is fast, efficient, and — using WPSSO as its framework — provides accurate information about your content to social websites.

You can download the Free version of WPSSO PLM on and purchase Pro license(s) on (includes a No Risk 30 Day Refund Policy). The Facebook / Open Graph Location meta tags are available in the Free version, and the Pinterest Place Rich Pin meta tags are provided with the Pro version.

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VPNs and Location Aware Settings on Mac OS X

Recently, a co-worker was asking about my configuration for connecting to the corporate VPN, and I thought the information might be useful for others as well — I use a combination of Tunnelblick; an OpenVPN client for Mac OS X, Sidekick; an application that changes Mac OS X settings based on your physical location (and/or network SSID, etc.), and a little shell script I wrote to start the VPN, define additional routes, and update my dynamic DNS hostname.

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