Enable Autocomplete for root on Mac OS X

Are you frustrated by the lack of autocomplete in root’s shell on Mac OS X? I’ve tried a few different solutions, and the easiest / simplest I found is to create an /etc/inputrc file (chown root:wheel and chmod 644) with the following text.

The /etc/inputrc file is used by readline — the input-related library used by bash and most other shells. GNU’s readline init file syntax page documents all the available settings, and Gerard Beekmans Linux initrc file page shows a common initrc for Linux.

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VPNs and Location Aware Settings on Mac OS X

Recently, a co-worker was asking about my configuration for connecting to the corporate VPN, and I thought the information might be useful for others as well — I use a combination of Tunnelblick; an OpenVPN client for Mac OS X, Sidekick; an application that changes Mac OS X settings based on your physical location (and/or network SSID, etc.), and a little shell script I wrote to start the VPN, define additional routes, and update my dynamic DNS hostname.

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Autocomplete for csshx

I recently began using csshx, a terminal cluster application for Mac OS X. csshx opens one terminal window per cluster node, and another window to capture keyboard input and send it to all others. This allows me to manage several servers at once, provided they are identical enough for my intended purpose.

Continuing the earlier idea of Autocompleting SSH Hostnames, here’s a useful addition to your /etc/profile.d/complete.sh file for users of csshx.

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