Inherit Featured and Custom Meta Images from Parents

Does your website use parent pages and/or categories? Unless you have a very simple site, you’ve probably organized your WordPress pages and categories as parents with child pages / categories.

And have you defined a featured image for a parent page and wished its children used the same featured image automatically?

How about social and search optimization images? If you’re using the WPSSO Core plugin — and have selected a custom image for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and/or Pinterest — would you like the children of that page and/or category to inherit those custom images automatically?

A new WPSSO Inherit Parent Meta add-on for WPSSO Core allows just this — select a featured and/or custom image for a parent, grand-parent, etc. (post, page, custom post type, category, tag, or custom taxonomy), and its children will inherit those image(s) by default.

And you can still select different featured and/or custom image(s) for the children — they simply inherit the parent images by default. ;-)

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