WPSSO Core – New “Cache Status” in Dashboard

The upcoming WPSSO Core v3.48.0 release includes several changes to cache handling methods and filters.

If your site still uses the default WordPress transient cache in the database options table (most WordPress sites), you’ll find a new “Cache Status” metabox on the SSO > Plugin Dashboard and Features Status page.

If you’re using an external object cache, like APC, Memcache, Redis, Xcache, etc., this new metabox will not be displayed. Support for your chosen external object cache could be added at a later date, depending on user requests and the availability of an API to get (or count) all stored keys by prefix.

Here’s an example Cache Status metabox from the SSO > Plugin Dashboard and Features Status page:

The Cache Status metabox added in WPSSO Core v3.48.0

In past versions, if you’d left the “Clear Short URLs on Clear All Caches” option unchecked (default) on the SSO > Advanced settings page, there was no way to manually clear shortened URLs from the transient cache. This latest version of WPSSO Core includes a new button in the Cache Status metabox to specifically clear all cache objects, including the shortened URLs cache.

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