New Plugin – WPSSO Ratings and Reviews

A new WPSSO Ratings and Reviews (WPSSO RAR) extension for WPSSO has been released. This Free plugin extends the WordPress comment system with a new star rating and review feature — ratings and reviews can be enabled / disabled per post, new reviews are labeled as reviews (not comments), a star rating can be required before reviews are accepted, replies to reviews are properly labeled as replies / comments, and the colors of star ratings can be customized from the settings page.

WPSSO RAR provides Schema Aggregate Rating with meta tags and optional JSON-LD markup — Google reads the aggregate rating meta tags and optional JSON-LD markup to add star ratings to search results!

WPSSO RAR Includes complete Schema Review details as optional JSON-LD markup — including information about the review (author name, creation time, excerpt, rating), along with the threaded replies / comments for each review.

Prerequisite — WPSSO Ratings and Reviews (WPSSO RAR) is an extension for the WPSSO plugin, which automatically generates complete and accurate meta tags + Schema markup from your content for Social Sharing Optimization (SSO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The WPSSO Pro plugin and its WPSSO JSON Pro extension are required to add the Schema Aggregate Rating and Schema Review as optional JSON-LD markup.

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