WPSSO – Adds Support for Co-Authors Plus

WPSSO version 3.31.0-1 has been released, and includes several interesting changes — The display of Free / Pro version features in the settings pages sidebar has been improved by adding icons and grouping similar features. And the big change for this version is the support of post / page co-authors and guest authors using the Co-Authors Plus plugin. WPSSO Pro will extend the list of Contact Info under the Guest Author profile page, and include co-authors and guest authors (name, description / bio, image, and all contact URLs) in post / page meta tags. The WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup extension has also been updated to add co-authors and guest authors to all Schema types that include author information (Article, NewsArticle, TechArticle, BlogPosting, WebPage, etc.).

WPSSO Pro Example Guest Authors Page

WPSSO Pro includes additional contact methods on the Guest Author editing page, along with adding a Social Settings metabox to customize the default social values (descriptions, images, etc.).

WPSSO and Co-Authors Plus - Add New Guest Author

WPSSO Pro Example Meta Tags

WPSSO Pro and WPSSO JSON Example Markup

The use of HTML meta tags for Schema markup is a bit limited — to include additional information about the post and its authors, you can use the WPSSO Schema JSON-LD extension.