New Plugin – WPSSO Tweet a Quote

A new extension for WPSSO called WPSSO Tweet a Quote (WPSSO TAQ) is available to include Twitter-style quotes in your content, with an easy (and optional) Tweet link for readers.

[taq]WPSSO Tweet a Quote – Easily add Tweetable quotes to your WordPress content! ;-)[/taq]

WPSSO TAQ uses your existing WPSSO settings to shorten URLs, add the Twitter Business @username, and recommend the author’s @username after sharing — and developers / advanced users will appreciate the ability to completely re-style the quote text and Tweet link. ;-)

Notice that the Tweet URL includes a “/+/” to break-up the Twitter URL — this prevents competing JavaScript / jQuery from creating a second popup window when clicking on the Tweet link.

The WPSSO TAQ settings page is fairly simple, allowing you to add the Business @username, recommend the Author @username, link the quote text, append a Tweet icon, define the popup window size, etc.