New Plugin – WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata

If you’re using the WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup (WPSSO JSON) extension (and if not, you really should), you may have noticed that Google’s Schema validation tools can pickup additional incomplete / inaccurate Schema markup from your theme templates. WPSSO JSON defines its JSON-LD markup as the “main entity” for the webpage — so Google will prefer this markup over any other found in the webpage — but you may still want to cleanup that incomplete / inaccurate Schema Microdata from your theme templates. The new WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata (WPSSO SSM) extension is a Free plugin that removes Schema Microdata markup from the webpage body section automatically, leaving the Schema JSON-LD markup as the only Schema markup in the webpage.

The WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata (WPSSO SSM) extension does not have any settings — it removes Schema Microdata markup automatically from the webpage body and includes an activity summary at the bottom (as a hidden HTML comment):

Prerequisite — WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata (WPSSO SSM) is an extension for the WPSSO plugin, which automatically creates complete and accurate meta tags and Schema markup for Social Media Optimization (SMO) and SEO.

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