NGFB / WPSSO – French Translation

NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) version 8.11.0 and WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.11.0 have been released.

WordPress recently announced an initiative to import all plugins into their translation system, which means that most plugin and theme authors will have to modify their code to make it compliant, if they haven’t done so already (removing variables from the translation functions, for example).

The translation of NGFB and WPSSO has been on my To-Do list for a while now, so after being notified by the WordPress team that NGFB and WPSSO would be imported into the translation system, I decided to update all the code to make it translation ready. Little did I know it would take more than a week of serious coding — while at the same time testing the new code by translating the plugins into French myself. There were almost 500 text strings to translate (from a few words to several sentences) — and that’s without counting all the help popup text (which will be completed in a later version). Hopefully the new French (fr_FR) translations of NGFB and WPSSO will be useful to some. :-)

If you would like to help translate NGFB and WPSSO from English to another language, here’s where to start:

If you see any grammatical errors in the existing French translation, please let me know by opening a new ticket on the support website.

September 14, 2015 – WPSSO Replaces NextGEN Facebook (NGFB)

NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) is being replaced by the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin. WPSSO is a fork / child of NGFB — they have the same author, the same core features and code-base, but WPSSO is distributed without the sharing buttons and their related features (making WPSSO about 25% smaller than NGFB). Additional extension plugins are also available for WPSSO, including:

Review the simple NGFB to WPSSO migration instructions if you would like to switch from NGFB to WPSSO.