2 thoughts on “New Theme for Surnia Ulula

    • There are a lot of developers using both NGFB and WPSSO as part of a complete solution (theme + plugins) they are delivering to their clients. A few have also taken advantage of the many filters available in NGFB / WPSSO.

      If you’re asking if NGFB or WPSSO have been integrated as part of a theme ZIP file, I’ve no idea. Obviously there’s the issue of licensing to consider, so the version included in the ZIP file would have to be the Free version from wordpress.org. It would probably make more sense for a theme author to recommend NGFB or WPSSO and provide an “install link / button” in their theme settings to fetch & install the plugin from wordpress.org. I think the trend right now if for themes to drop plugin-type functionality in favor of using actual plugins to extend functionality, so the “install link / button” would probably be a better choice.


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