PKinsert BBS Utility from 1992

It’s hard to believe, but I just came across an upload scanner for BBS’s that I wrote back in 1992… and it’s still available for download!

PKINS710.ZIP – “PKinsert Version 7.10 released Jan 1st 1992 Check archive integrity, insert comment/ taglines, scan for virii, add and delete disclaimers, etc. Handles Zip, Lzh, Arj and Arcs w/in Arcs. Support for PCB V14.5a and any other BBS Software. Perfect SysOp hands-off u/l monitor! Highly configurable. Version 7.10 handles an unlimited number of archives, 4 billion nested archives, and a major reduction in memory requirements.”

One thought on “PKinsert BBS Utility from 1992

  1. I also found this little gem from about the same time, when I needed to convert messages between Fidonet-style hostnames and custom sub-domain hostnames.

    FIX-MAIL.AWK – “Fix-Mail substitutes f.n.z. addresses in outbound e-mail to custom domain names (ie: -> The Sender header is changed, and X-Origin/X-Gateway headers are added.”

    I haven’t found anything from the late 80s yet… :)

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