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NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) provides the information that social websites need to improve Google Search ranking and social engagement on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and and many more — along with offering many of the most popular social sharing buttons!

Quick List of Features

Free / Basic Version

  • Adds Open Graph / Rich Pin meta tags (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).
  • Configurable image sizes, title and description lengths for different contexts.
  • Optional fallback to a default image and video for index and search webpages.
  • Supports featured, attached, gallery shortcode, and/or HTML image tags in content.
  • Validates image dimensions to provide accurate media for social websites.
  • Auto-regeneration of inaccurate / missing WordPress image sizes.
  • Support for embedded videos (iframe and object HTML tags).
  • Fully renders content (including shortcodes) for accurate description texts.
  • Includes author and publisher profile URLs for Facebook and Google Search.
  • Includes hashtags from Post / Page WordPress Tags.
  • Includes the author's name for Pinterest Rich Pins.
  • Uses object and transient caches to provide incredibly fast execution speeds.
  • Includes a Google / SEO description meta tag if a known SEO plugin is not detected.
  • Provides Facebook, Google+ and Twitter URL profile contact fields.
  • Validation tools and special meta tag preview tabs on admin edit pages.
  • Customizable multilingual Site Title and (default) Description texts.
  • Provides social sharing buttons for the content, excerpt, widget, shortcode, floating sidebar, and/or PHP function.
  • Includes a default stylesheet for all social sharing button locations.

Don't need the sharing buttons? Have a look at the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin — a fork (aka child) of NextGEN Facebook (NGFB). They have the same author, many of the same excellent features, are both extremely fast and reliable, but WPSSO is packaged without the sharing buttons and their related features (shortcodes, widgets, stylesheets, javascript caching, and url shortening). WPSSO uses 25% less code and is often preferred for websites that already have (or don't need) a set of sharing buttons.

Pro / Power-User Version

  • Twitter Card meta tags (Summary, Large Image, Photo, Gallery, Player, and Product).
  • Customizable image dimensions for each Twitter Card type.
  • Additional profile contact fields with configurable label and field names.
  • Custom settings and meta tag values for each Post, Page, and custom post type.
  • Options to exclude specific Google / SEO, Open Graph, and Twitter Card meta tags.
  • File caching for social sharing button images and JavaScript.
  • URL shortening (Bitly and Google) for URLs in Twitter shares.
  • Stylesheets editor for each social sharing button locations.
  • Options to include / exclude multilingual social sharing buttons on Posts, Page, and custom post types.
  • Integrates with 3rd party plugins and services for additional image, video, product, and content information:
    • Plugins
      • All in One SEO Pack
      • bbPress
      • BuddyPress
      • JetPack Photon
      • NextGEN Gallery
      • MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce
      • Polylang
      • WooCommerce
      • WordPress SEO by Yoast
      • WP e-Commerce
    • Service APIs
      • Bitly Shortener
      • Google Shortener
      • Slideshare Presentations
      • Vimeo Videos
      • Wistia Videos
      • Youtube Videos and Playlists

Complete Meta Tags

NGFB adds Open Graph (Facebook), Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, and Search Engine Optimization meta tags to the head section of webpages. These meta tags are used by Google Search and most social websites to describe and display your content correctly (title, description, hashtags, images, videos, product, author profile / authorship, publisher, etc.).

NGFB is a complete social sharing solution that uses the existing content of your webpages to build HTML meta tags — There's no need to manually enter / configure any additional values or settings (although many settings and options are available).

NGFB (Pro version) provides the Summary, Large Image Summary, Photo, Gallery, Player and Product Twitter Cards — including configurable image sizes for each card type.

  • Google / SEO Link and Meta Tags
    • author
    • description
    • publisher
  • Open Graph Meta Tags
    • article:author
    • article:publisher
    • article:published_time
    • article:modified_time
    • article:section
    • article:tag
    • fb:admins
    • fb:app_id
    • og:description
    • og:image
    • og:image:secure_url
    • og:image:width
    • og:image:height
    • og:locale
    • og:site_name
    • og:title
    • og:type
    • og:url
    • og:video
    • og:video:secure_url
    • og:video:width
    • og:video:height
    • og:video:type
    • product:price:amount
    • product:price:currency
    • product:availability
  • Schema Meta Tags
    • description
  • Twitter Card Meta Tags (Pro version)
    • twitter:card (Summary, Large Image Summary, Photo, Gallery, Player and Product)
    • twitter:creator
    • twitter:data1
    • twitter:data2
    • twitter:data3
    • twitter:data4
    • twitter:description
    • twitter:image
    • twitter:image:width
    • twitter:image:height
    • twitter:image0
    • twitter:image1
    • twitter:image2
    • twitter:image3
    • twitter:label1
    • twitter:label2
    • twitter:label3
    • twitter:label4
    • twitter:player
    • twitter:player:width
    • twitter:player:height
    • twitter:site
    • twitter:title

3rd Party Integration

Aside from the additional support for Twitter Cards, the main difference between the Free and Pro versions is the integration of 3rd party plugins and services.

Images and Videos

NGFB detects and uses all images - associated or included in your Post or Page content - including WordPress Media Library image galleries and embedded videos from Slideshare, Vimeo, Wistia, and Youtube (including their preview images). WordPress Media Library images (and NextGEN Gallery in the Pro version) are resized according to their intended audience (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

NGFB (Pro version) also includes support for JetPack Photon and NextGEN Gallery v1 and v2 albums, galleries and images (shortcodes, image tags, album / gallery preview images, etc.).

Enhanced SEO

NGFB (Pro version) integrates with WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack, making sure your custom SEO settings are reflected in the Open Graph, Rich Pin, and Twitter Card meta tags.

eCommerce Products

NGFB (Pro version) also supports WooCommerce v1 and v2, MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce and WP e-Commerce product pages, creating appropriate meta tags for Facebook Products, Twitter Product Cards and Pinterest Rich Pins, including poduct variations (size, color, etc.) and additional / custom images.

Forums and Social

NGFB (Pro version) supports bbPress and BuddyPress (see the BuddyPress Integration Notes), making sure your meta tags reflect the page content, including appropriate titles, descriptions, images, etc. Social sharing buttons can also be added to bbPress single template pages and BuddyPress activities.

Social Sharing Buttons

NGFB comes with several sharing buttons, that you can optionally include on Post / Page editing pages, above / below your content or excerpt, bbPress single pages, BuddyPress activity entries, as a sidebar, widget, shortcode, or even a function call from your theme template(s). Each of the following sharing buttons can be enabled, configured, and styled individually:

  • Facebook Like, Send, Share
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr (Links, Quotes, Images, Videos)
  • Twitter (Summary, Large Image Summary, Photo, Gallery, Player and Product Cards)

The Facebook, Google+ and Twitter sharing buttons support multiple languages. A default language can be chosen in the NGFB settings, and the Pro version switches the sharing button language with the webpage language (WordPress locale). NGFB can also include hashtags, from WordPress and NextGEN Gallery tag names, in the Open Graph (Facebook) and Pinterest Rich Pin descriptions, Tweet text, and other social captions.

Custom Contacts

NGFB (Pro version) allows you to customize the field names, label, and show / remove the following Contact Methods from the user profile page:

  • AIM
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Jabber / Google Talk
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Skype
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo IM
  • YouTube

Proven Performance

NGFB is fast and coded for performance, making full use of all available caching techniques (persistent / non-persistent object and disk caching). NGFB loads only the library files and object classes it needs, keeping it small, fast, and yet still able to support a wide range of 3rd party integration features.

How Fast is NGFB Compared to Other Plugins? Very Fast. A few examples from the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler), using WP Test Data and the default settings of some well known plugins:

  • 0.0105 secs - WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) v2.4.4
  • 0.0117 secs - All in One SEO Pack v2.1.4
  • 0.0130 secs - MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce v2.9.2.1 (No Products)
  • 0.0175 secs - NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) v7.4.4
  • 0.0189 secs - Contact Form 7 v3.7.2
  • 0.0322 secs - WP e-Commerce v3.8.13.3 (No Products)
  • 0.0393 secs - bbPress v2.5.3 (No Forums or Topics)
  • 0.0405 secs - WooCommerce v2.1.5 (No Products)
  • 0.0572 secs - SEO Ultimate v7.6.2
  • 0.0579 secs - Facebook v1.5.5
  • 0.0656 secs - BuddyPress v1.9.2 (No Activities)
  • 0.1051 secs - WordPress SEO by Yoast v1.5.2.5
  • 0.1980 secs - JetPack by v2.9.2

Tests executed on a VPS with SSDs and 6GB ram, APC opcode/object cache, WordPress v3.8.1, P3 v1.4.1 configured with opcode optimization enabled (improves accuracy).

Clean Uninstall

Try the NGFB plugin with complete confidence — when uninstalled, NGFB removes all traces of itself from the database (options, site options, user and post meta, transients, etc.).

Great Support

NGFB support and development is on-going. You can review the FAQ and Notes pages for additional setup information. If you have any suggestions or comments, post them to the WordPress support forum or the Pro version support website.

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