NGFB Shortcode

You can add one or more social sharing buttons to your content by using the [ngfb] shortcode anywhere in the content text.

Make sure the “Enable Shortcode(s)” option (on the NGFB Advanced settings page) is enabled, or the shortcode will be ignored.

You may use several arguments:

A list of buttons to include, as shown in the example above. You must include at least one button name.
A specific URL to share, instead of the current webpage or Post URL.
A picture ID to share for the Pinterest and Tumblr buttons. NextGEN Gallery picture IDs must be in the form of ‘ngg-#’ (for example: pid="ngg-123").
A specific photo / image URL to share for the Pinterest and Tumblr buttons. The photo argument takes precedence over the pid argument.
A CSS class name to wrap the shortcode buttons.
A CSS id name to wrap the shortcode buttons.
A custom filter id that can be used to modify the default options filter name. The default filter id is “shortcode” and the resulting complete filter name is wpsso_sharing_html_shortcode_options. You can hook into this filter to modify the NGFB options before the plugin generates the shortcode buttons HTML.
The id of a button preset to apply – for example, “large_share_vertical” or “small_share_count”. The default is to use the preset value from the NGFB Buttons settings page.

Note that like all other methods used to add social sharing buttons, a featured or attached image must be present for the Pinterest button to show (unless the pid or photo shortcode argument is used).

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