September 20th, 2015

The Photo, Gallery, and Product Cards were deprecated by Twitter on July 3rd, 2015. NGFB continues to support all current Twitter Card formats, including the Summary, Summary with Large Image, App (exclusive to WPSSO), and Player Cards — in both the Free and Pro versions of NGFB.

The WooCommerce addon for NGFB Pro provides the following functionality:

  • Additional Open Graph meta tags are added for product, category, and tag pages:
    • The product page includes Open Graph meta tags for the product price, currency, availability (instock or backorder), and custom / featured / additional WooCommerce product images.
    • The category and tag pages include Open Graph meta tags for the WooCommerce category / tag description and its image.
  • Additional Twitter Product Card meta tags are added for product, category, and tag pages:
    • The product page includes Twitter Card labels (in order, up to a maximum of 4) for the product’s price, currency, weight, dimensions, visible attributes, and categories / tags.
    • The category and tag pages are give a short label description with the number of items listed.
    • A single image is included for the product, category, or tag.
  • Support for the WooCommerce ‘product_tag’ taxonomy, so product hashtags can be added to the Open Graph, Pinterest, and Twitter Card descriptions.
  • The cart, checkout, and account pages are assigned static description values (‘Shopping Cart’, ‘Checkout Page’, and ‘Account Page’) to prevent unwanted text in the various description fields.

An Example Product

Here’s an example WooCommerce product page using the WordPress 2014 theme. The product is available in several variations, with different prices and additional WooCommerce gallery images.


Product Meta Tags

Here are the complete Open Graph, Rich Pin, Twitter Card, and SEO meta tags for this example product page. I’ve changed the default settings of NGFB to include 4 images instead of 1, and 4 hashtags instead of 3.

Pinterest Rich Pin


Twitter Product Card


2 thoughts on “WooCommerce

  1. When will you add the function to custom product categories with your awesome plugin.

    Eg when i go to product categories I will see the box that allows me to edit the open graph (hope that makes sense as I am about to fall to sleep)

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