Open Graph Filters

A list of NGFB filters used to modify and return the Open Graph array. Some filters, like the ‘ngfb_og’ filter, have an extra “seed” variant — the “seed” filter is typically applied at the beginning of a method (so the input string or array is empty), and if a value is returned by the filter, the value is used as-is and the remainder of the method is skipped. The “non-seed” filter variant is applied at the end of the method, so the filter receives a complete string or array that can be modified before being returned.

If you’d like to customize and integrate additional features into the NGFB plugin, we offer custom development services. Submit a ticket to describe your requirements, and we can give you an idea of the expected time and cost to develop your custom feature(s).

Returns an Array

ngfb_og_seed ( $og = array(), $use_post = false )
ngfb_og ( $og, $use_post = false )
A multidimensional array of Open Graph meta tags. The array returned by the “seed” filter will be completed with any missing elements, keeping the returned elements in the array as-is.

The $use_post variable can be true, false, or a post ID. When $use_post is false, you should retrieve information about the current $post object using the get_queried_object() function, if true, you can simply use the global $post object, and if $use_post is numeric, use the get_post() function.

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