Several filter hooks are available within the NGFB plugin to manipulate text (title, description, content, etc.) and arrays (tags, open graph, etc.).

If you’d like to customize and integrate additional features into the NGFB plugin, we offer custom development services. Submit a ticket to describe your requirements, and we can give you an idea of the expected time and cost to develop your custom feature(s).

Filters by Category

Other Filters

Returns a Text String

ngfb_lang ( $lang, $languages = array(), $post_id )
The ngfb_lang filter is called whenever a language code is required (Open Graph meta tags, button languages, etc.). The $lang value passed to the filter is the default that will be used. The $languages value is an array of acceptable language codes (different publishers support different lists, with different codes).
ngfb_post_url ( $url, $post_id, $use_post, $add_page, $source_id )
The ngfb_post_url filter is called to get the sharing URL for a singular page, or for the URL of a single post within a loop (for the social sharing buttons, as an example).
ngfb_sharing_url ( $url, $use_post, $add_page, $source_id )
A filter called for every sharing URL, used in the meta tags, or by the social sharing buttons.

Returns an Array

ngfb_topics ( $topics = array() )
An array of build-in Topics.
ngfb_ngg_tags ( $tags = array(), $post_id )
An array of NextGEN Gallery image tags used in the article:tag meta tags. This filter takes 2 arguments, the first is the array of tags, and the second is an optional image ID number.

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