Why don’t my Twitter Cards show on Twitter?

Your website must be authorized by Twitter for each type of Twitter Card you want to publish. The NGFB Pro version supports the Summary, Large Image Summary, Photo, Gallery, Player and Product Cards. For each type card your website produces, you must submit a sample URL to Twitter’s validation tool:

  1. Make sure the ‘Enable Twitter Cards’ option is checked on the NGFB General settings page.
  2. Go to Twitter’s Card Validator.
  3. ‘Cancel’ the Card Catalog popup (these are just examples).
  4. Choose the ‘Validate & Apply’ tab.
  5. Enter an example URL from your website for the Twitter Card you would like to get approved. The Twitter Card type will depend on your webpage content (see following). For example, you could submit a standard post without images (Summary Card), one with a Featured image (Large Image Summary Card), a post with an embedded video (Player Card), an e-commerce product page (Product Card), etc.
  6. If the Twitter Card type has not been approved yet, you may click on the ‘Request Approval’ button.
  7. Fill-in and submit the form.

NGFB Pro automatically creates the required Twitter Card meta tags based on the content of your webpages.

  • Product Card — Product information from a an e-commerce plugin:
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • MarketPress
    • WooCommerce
    • WP e-Commerce

    An Example Twitter ‘Product’ Card


  • Player Card — An embedded video in the content:
    • Slideshare
    • Vimeo
    • Wistia
    • YouTube


  • Gallery Card — A WordPress Media Library gallery or NextGEN Gallery shortcode.
    An Example Twitter ‘Gallery’ Card


  • Photo Card — A WordPress Attachment page or NextGEN Gallery ImageBrowser webpage.
    An Example Twitter ‘Photo’ Card


  • Large Image Summary Card — An image defined in the custom Social Settings metabox, a Featured, Attached, or NextGEN Gallery singlepic image.
    An Example Twitter ‘Large Image Summary’ Card


  • Summary Card — All other webpages.
    An Example Twitter ‘Summary’ Card

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