Why doesn’t Facebook show the correct image / text?

The first time Facebook accesses your webpage, it will cache the image and text it finds. Facebook then prefers to use that cached information until it has expired (which could be never). So, before you hit the Facebook Send / Share button for the first time, make sure you’re satisfied with your Post or Page images and text. If you change your mind, and your webpage has not been liked or shared yet, you can use Facebook’s Open Graph debugging tool to refresh Facebook’s cache. If your webpage has already been liked or shared on Facebook, then there’s nothing you can do to change the title, descriptive text, or image that was used.

After publishing a new Post or Page, a ‘Validation Tools’ tab will appear in the NGFB Social Settings metabox. You can use these links to check the content that is extracted from your webpage by Facebook, Google, etc.

See Facebook’s Maximizing Distribution for Media Content article for more information on Open Graph meta tags and preferred image sizes. Facebook recommends an image size of 1200x630px, 600x315px as a minimum, and will ignore any images smaller than 200x200px. The most compatible Image Dimensions, for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., is 1200x1200px cropped. This value is strongly suggested, and if used, all original images should be this size or larger.

NGFB will also ignore images that are smaller than the Image Dimensions defined on the NGFB General settings page. Always make sure the original, full size images uploaded to the WordPress Medial Library are larger than the Image Dimensions you have configured. If the plugin cannot retrieve an image of the correct size from the Media Library, the image will be ignored / rejected by the plugin.

18 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Facebook show the correct image / text?

  1. Before understanding how to set a featured image to accompany a post, I shared to facebook. It uploaded the header image in twentyfourteen – extended and are you saying that there is nothing that I can do: that the same image that I don’t want will show up in all future posts?

    • The information for that URL will be frozen in Facebook’s cache for weeks, months, or longer. If you change the URL (aka permalink) of that post or page, then Facebook will fetch new information for its cache. ;-) The cached information applies only to that URL, not your whole website. ;-) If you create a new post or page, then Facebook will crawl that URL and pickup the new information from its meta tags.


  2. I have one thing that I do not know where to change. Under the title and subtitle this text shows “Image: . Image: . Image: . Image: ” and fb says it is this code
    I have an alt text on the chosen image – but how do I delete or alter this type of text?
    Sorry I am not a wizkid so please bear over with my questions if it is really simple :)

  3. When I sharelink on Facebook, the image for my website doesn’t show. I used the debugger, but don’t understnd what I need to do to correct the problem. I’m not a tech person and would like an image to show with the sharelink. I downloaded the NextGen for Facebook but don’t know what to do with it. Help, please. TIA

  4. I’m having issues with my images not showing up on Facebook. Am I doing something wrong here? I used the debugger on Facebook and it showed no errors the feature image however never shows up. Could you please help me with this? I uploaded images that are above 1200 x 1200 and set it to 1200 x 1200 in the settings.


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