Why does Facebook play videos instead of linking them?

NGFB generates information about the current webpage and its content – what social websites like Facebook do with that information is beyond our control. When Facebook is given information on videos, it embeds and plays them directly instead of linking the preview image (as an example) to the source website. If this is not what you want, there are two possible solutions:

  1. Turn off video discovery completely by setting “Maximum Number of Videos” to “0” on the NGFB General settings page.
  2. Uncheck these meta tags on the NGFB Advanced settings page. This will leave the video preview images, but exclude information on the videos themselves.
    • og:video
    • og:video:secure_url
    • og:video:width
    • og:video:height
    • og:video:type

2 thoughts on “Why does Facebook play videos instead of linking them?

  1. So does this solve the issue where Facebook uses the Video as a thumbnail instead of an image. On a PC it’s not so bad, since it’s easier to click on the larger text & description section, which takes the user to the site. Whereas on mobiles, it just plays the video, which sends traffic to the video host site & not the website page it’s embedded on. So we don’t receive any traffic from mobile viewers and they miss out on the content in the post.

    Do you understand what I’m referring to? I will test this soon to see if it’s actually the case & post back here.

    • If you share video information with Facebook, then Facebook will embed that video. This solution allows you to share the video preview image, but not the video details themselves. Facebook will then treat the preview image like any other, and link it to the source webpage.

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