Why doesn’t the Pinterest button show?

The Pinterest button assumes you want to share an image that represents the whole content of your webpage / article. As such, NGFB will look for a custom Image ID in the Social Settings metabox, a featured image, and lastly, an image attached to the post / page (see Working With Image Attachments). The Pinterest button will create and share an image based on the Image Dimensions chosen in the Pinterest button settings. Make sure your original / full size images are larger than the Image Dimensions you’ve chosen.

2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t the Pinterest button show?

  1. Pinterest button does not appear.
    Then the question is:
    – this plugin works only with photos in media library?
    Due to limited space on the server I upload photos from url.
    I tried different sizes 1600×1600, 1600×1200, 800×800, 1200×1200 and the button does not appear.
    Could you please help me with settings, if this is the problem?

    Your sincerely,
    Biro Bela Florin

    P.S. In some posts StumbleUpon button appears in some does not appear.

    • NGFB provides different sized images for different social websites, Pinterest being one of them. To provide different sizes, NGFB uses the WordPress functions to create them (see WordPress Settings -> Media for example), and thus the original images must be in the Media Library or a NextGEN Gallery. As this FAQ explains, NGFB can use a custom image ID (in the Social Settings metabox), a featured image, or an attached image.


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