Can I use other social sharing buttons?


NGFB’s primary function is to create meta tags (Open Graph, Rich Pin, Twitter Card, SEO, etc.). Aside from Pinterest and Tumblr, social buttons should only share a URL to the social website. The social website then connects back to the shared URL’s webpage, reads the meta tags, and shows the results in an overlay / popup window. The Pinterest and Tumblr sharing buttons are an exception – they must include additional information, such as a caption, media type (image, video), post type, etc.

NGFB creates accurate meta tags for titles, descriptions, images, videos, products, etc. according to your content and preferences. If you decide to use social sharing buttons from other plugins, make sure they only share the URL, and not the title, description, image, etc. — otherwise they may share incorrect information about the webpage.

If don’t use the NGFB social sharing features, and you’re a bit of a performance geek, you can add the following constant to your wp-config.php file for a small performance improvement (approx. 0.0070 secs per page load).

You might also consider using the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin instead of NGFB. WPSSO is a fork / child of NGFB — they have the same author, the same core features and code-base, but WPSSO is distributed without the sharing buttons and their related features (making WPSSO about 20% smaller than NGFB). Additional extension plugins are also available for WPSSO, including two different sharing button extensions:

2 thoughts on “Can I use other social sharing buttons?

  1. Hello there,

    I just installed NGFB. I do use other social share buttons, currently AddThis but we are moving to Sumome.

    I saw that if we use other social sharing buttons that we should instead use WPSSO (WordPress Social Sharing Optimization) instead of NGFB.

    Is that correct?

    Also I currently embed my youtube videos with EmbedPlus (a youtube plugin which will display youtube annotations on your website).

    Will NGFB or WPSSO still pick up the videos??

    Thanks for your help!
    Founder, Blender Babes

    • If you already have social sharing buttons, you should consider using WPSSO instead. I’ve updated the FAQ with additional information following your comment. ;-)

      Any standard (and even some non-standard) embed markup should work just fine. And if not, let me know and we’ll find a solution for you. ;-)


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